UP Magazine Cover Shoot August 2018 Portugal Escondido

August’s UP Magazine Cover

Another month has come and another UP Magazine cover is published. I was very fortunate again,  I was the photographer who shot the cover picture which makes me feel amazing. Working with the people from UP Magazine is always great. If you happen to travel on a TAP flight this month, take a look at this months issue and Discover Hiden Portugal .

UP Magazine Cover 130 Hidden Portugal


Art Director: Raquel Porto, mais2designers.com
Photographer: joaocarlosphoto.com, assisted by Martim Vidigal, Petko Angelov
Model: Anastasia Yakhnina,centralmodels.pt
Stylist Paulo Gomes
Make-up: Antónia Rosa, assisted by Telma Pereira
Hair: Helena Vaz Pereira, for griffehairstyle.com  assisted by Alexandre Soares
Post-production Fernando Martins

Behind the scenes of UP Magazine cover 130

The concept

The secret is: Portugal is trendy, in everyone’s mouth, on the magazine covers, on the websites of the experts, on the blogs of the hipsters. Just like TAP and UP Magazine, the country has received the World Travel Awards (WTA) – the “Oscars” of world tourism – Best Touristic Destination in the World, Best European Destination, and Best Golf Destination. Porto was the Best European Citadining Destination of 2017 and Lisbon of 2018. Madeira, Best Island Destination, and Best Beach of the World is in the region Algarve. Altogether there were 36 WTA to Portugal. Last year we received more than 20 million tourists – TAP transported more than 14 million. Tourism now represents 7.8% of national GDP and 18% of global tourism. See these numbers as a theme to separate the edition, Portugal Escondido, because it is the destination you visit, discover what is, after all, what you are looking for and where you can find the best prices here. by the 11 islands of the two archipelagos. Breathtaking landscapes, stunning monuments, excellent wines, hotels that are a pure charm, a rich and delicious gastronomy and, above all, the welcoming people who know who the other is.

by Paula Ribeiro

August’18 | Making Of UP Magazine 130 by Francisco “Chico” Rodrigues


Lighting Setup and Gear

My assistant helping me to test the light. UP Magazine Cover Shoot
My assistant Martim  helping me to test the light.

Lighting Diagram UP Magazine Cover Shoot

For this image, I created a six light setup, my key light was a Profoto ComPact 1200 with a Westcott Stripbank 1×6, the second light I used on the subject was a Profoto B1 with a 1/4 Westcott Asymmetrical Stripbank. Another very important tool I used for my subject was the Eyelighter that I placed in front of my camera to fill up the front, in this case, the back of the model with a nice soft and diffused light. I needed a totally white background, for its lighting, there were 4 strobes. I used so many because I was shooting at a closed aperture to assure a very sharp and focused image. Two Elinchromes 750 Micro with deep reflectors and barn doors and two SMDV 360 Bright with standard reflectors on the backdrop did the job. I had two black panels that were preventing flares from the background lighting to my subject.  The camera was the Fujifilm GFX-50S with Fujinon GF120mm F4 Macro.

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