Two Days of Photography in Caminha: A Celebration of Art and Community Fuji GFX Event

Last weekend, I had the extraordinary privilege of participating in a remarkable photography event held in the picturesque Caminha, in the North of Portugal. This occasion was made possible by the dedicated efforts of @fujifilmxpt and @colorfoto, transforming it into a vibrant celebration of art, community, and the dynamic world of photography. 📷💫

Exploring Caminha Through a Medium Format Lens 🌍📸

This event provided us with an exceptional opportunity to explore the innovative medium format cameras and lenses offered by @fujifilmxpt. The unparalleled quality, precision, and capacity of these cameras to capture incredibly detailed images were truly breathtaking, showcasing significant advancements in photography technology.

Fostering Connections and Celebrating Community 🤝

A significant aspect of this event was the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and establish new bonds, all united by our shared love for photography. The challenge of photographing fellow photographers, although intimidating, turned out to be exceptionally rewarding. The portraits I took are not just images; they are vivid narratives, treasured memories, and a reflection of our collective enthusiasm for photography. 🤝

Heartfelt Appreciation 🙏

My deepest thanks go to @fujifilmxpt, @colorfoto, and especially my friend @edulima_colorfoto for making these two days incredibly memorable. Your dedication to the art of photography and to building a community of artists is truly inspiring.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this incredible journey. I look forward to more such events where we can exchange knowledge, learn, and grow together in our passion for photography!

A Unique Perspective: Both Speaker and Photographer

In addition to experiencing and interacting during the event, I had the unique chance to serve as one of the key speakers. My talk focused on the intersection of technology and visual arts, shedding light on the constantly evolving landscape of digital photography.

Following my presentation, I seized the opportunity to capture portraits of the attendees. This allowed me not only to connect with the audience on a more personal level but also to document the diverse and dynamic individuals that make up our vibrant community. These portraits are more than just photographs; they represent the individual stories and personalities that came together for this event.


Live Shooting and Portraits at the Caminha Fuji Event

One of the most thrilling aspects of the Caminha Fuji event was the opportunity for live shooting. Capturing the essence of the moment, the vibrant energy of the attendees, and the dynamic expressions of everyone involved was truly exhilarating. I have a particular fondness for taking portraits, and this event was no exception. However, photographing professional photographers presents a unique challenge. Their keen eye for detail and composition means that every shot must be meticulously crafted to meet their high standards.

In addition to the portraits, the event was graced by the presence of two phenomenal gymnasts. Their performances added an extra layer of dynamism and elegance to the occasion, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture the beauty of motion and athleticism through the lens of a camera.

Assuming the dual role of speaker and photographer provided me with a distinctive perspective, enabling me to contribute both intellectually and artistically to the event. I am profoundly grateful for having had the chance to play such a multifaceted role in this unforgettable experience.



The gatherings didn’t end with the event’s official program. The dinners and lunches provided a casual backdrop for more intimate moments among attendees. Sharing my camera around the table has always been a tradition I cherish. It not only allows for the capture of candid shots but also enables a unique perspective that only comes from a shared experience. The resulting images are as diverse and captivating as the individuals who took them, each telling its own story.

This blend of live shooting, portrait photography of attendees and professional photographers, gymnastic displays, and communal meals encapsulates the essence of the Caminha Fuji event. It’s a celebration not just of photography but of connection, artistry, and the joy of shared experiences.