Lisbon Stories with João Carlos FujiFilm X-Photographer and X100F

Lisbon Stories X100F


I live in a city of color, that’s rich in history and it is very photogenic. Inspiration can be found everywhere. My name is João Carlos and I’m a Fuji X photographer, I’ve been a visual storyteller for almost two decades. in today’s post, I am going to share my love for Fuji Films X100F their pocket powerhouse.

The X100F is a perfect everyday camera, it automatically found a place in my kit and has rapidly become the camera I have with me at all times. I love the intuitive dial operation and the built-in ISO dial. Reminiscent of an era when cameras lasted from generation to generation.


The fast and sharp fixed Fujinon 23mm f/2.0 lens has a silent leaf shutter. This is great to go unannounced while I’m shooting documentary or street photography
.The X100F is very portable and is super versatile, these are key features to this camera.

There’s an option to choose between electronic and optical viewfinder giving me the perfect reproduction of the image I’m about to take.
I will enjoy this feature. This gives me full control of what I’m doing. At the moment. On the spot.

BTS Lisbon Stories X100F 1 BTS Lisbon Stories X100F 2

BTS Lisbon Stories X100F 3 BTS Lisbon Stories X100F 4

Some BTS of camera operator Pedro Davim filming the footage for the video, with the Fujifilm XT-2

Street Images X100F

I took a lot of images that day, so I couldn’t feature all of my favorites in the video.
Here are some of them:

Street X100F Selfie in Reflection
X100F Selfie in Reflection
 Normally I don't shoot in color with X100F but it does render some beautiful colors .
Normally I don’t shoot in color with X100F but it does render some beautiful colors.

Street X100F 9

Street X100F 1
I prefer to shoot in RAw and choose a film simulation like Acros this really brings me back to the film era.

Street X100F 2

Street X100F 3
This clothing vendor and I really connected to stared the conversation asking if I was shooting film. so she possed a little for me .

Street X100F 4

Street X100F 5

Street X100F 6

Street X100F 10

Street X100F 11
I was up close in his face and he didn’t realize I took his picture, X100F on stealth mode.
Street X100F 12
Ohitigraohic threw window makes for a more interesting image, its a world inside a world.

Street X100F 13

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If you are interested in reading about my first impressions of this little camera follow the link.