Exploring Vila Nova de Cerveira with the Fujifilm X100VI

On the second day of our event, we were privileged to experience firsthand the capabilities of the Fujifilm X100VI, Fujifilm’s latest addition to their renowned X100 series. Praised for its advancements, the X100VI is quickly becoming a favorite among street photography enthusiasts for its remarkable resolution of 40 megapixels and in-body image stabilization features.

Armed with the X100VI, I ventured into the bustling market of Vila Nova de Cerveira, an opportunity to test the camera in a vibrant, real-world setting. The market, known for its lively atmosphere and colorful displays, provided the perfect backdrop for this hands-on experience.

The images captured during this exploration are a testament to the X100VI’s prowess. Straight out of the camera, without any editing or corrections, the photos showcase the camera’s ability to produce crisp, detailed images even in the dynamic and unpredictable environment of street photography. The X100VI’s performance in Vila Nova de Cerveira’s market confirms its status as an ideal tool for capturing the essence of street life, making every shot a direct reflection of the moment’s authenticity.

These untouched images from the market are not just photographs; they are a collection of spontaneous moments, skillfully frozen in time by the Fujifilm X100VI, proving it to be the quintessential street photography camera.




At lunch, our adventure took us to a quaint, family-owned restaurant, a hidden gem where the warmth and charm were almost palpable. The moment I stepped inside, I knew I was in for something truly special. This wasn’t just any restaurant; it was a place where history and tradition were served alongside delicious dishes. What made this experience even more unforgettable was the incredible opportunity to capture portraits of four generations all working together under one roof. From the great-grandparent to the youngest child, each family member brought their unique spirit and dedication to the restaurant, contributing to a rich tapestry of family history and culinary passion. These portraits are more than just photographs; they are a celebration of family legacy, hard work, and the love that binds these generations together. This moment was a poignant reminder of the enduring strength and unity found in family businesses, making it a highlight of our culinary journey.