Disfunkshion Magazine – Abrotype

Photographer and other stuff : Joao Carlos
Wardrobe stylist: Marissa Adele
Make up Artist: Guerline Fequiere
Hair stylist: Darren Bay
Models: Aliona @ http://www.fentonmoon.com
Rene @ http://www.apmmodels.com
Photo assistant: Steven Gorgas
Retoucher – Gina Hernandez

This Editorial was shot in New York for Disfunckision Magazine, the story is an avant guarde beauty story with extremely structured pieces; Balmain meets Claude Montana with a hint of Isabella Blow.
I used a variety of Westcott gear to create my images, for example two Bruce Dorn Select Asymmetrical, 12×50 Strip Bank. One strip was placed to light the background while the other was placed above the model and used as a hair light. Just below the hair light I placed a Westcott Triflector to catch all the falloff light and also to highlight the model’s accessories. My main light source is a beauty dish positioned about 30 degrees above the model. I used a Drop it Modern damask print “Vixen” Backdrop also. In post-production, I gave my images a wet plate feel.

Behind the scenes: