How I Shoot Beauty

This will be the first of many tutorials on Lighting , gear and basically the world how I see it ,I was getting all kinds of requests about how I created certain Images.So I have decided to break it down for you all.

Recently I shot this beauty story and it gave me an opportunity to break out all my great gear from  FJ Westcott . I started by setting up a gorgeous” drop it modern back drop” (black in  black 4.5 ft x 12 ft   velvet damask print ), I wanted to keep the image simple but at the same time very luxurious , keeping focus on the make- up .
I used a four light set up , one back light  on a small stand behind the model with a honey comb grid, mounted to give the back drop some depth bringing out the damask print.
  The metering was 1F stop above the main light source .
I then use two Spider Lights TD5  with flash strobes at about a 45 degree angle  and mounted  the ever so versatile” Bruce Dorn Select Asymmetrical Stripbank” , the asymmetrical strip gives this nice feather affect , I also used the full stop front diffusion panel on the stripbank this created this hi key light wrapping around  the model, helping her stand out from the back drop creating even more depth to the images.

My main light source is a single  Spider Light  TD5  with  flash strobes  and  45 in round halo.  The halo is an umbrella frame witch makes it extremely light , Its one of my favorites  for shooting on location .  The round shape allows for 140 degrees of wraparound with a circular catch-light , I chose the halo because it was the perfect tool to give me that nice soft light, but at the same time using a tri-flector  The three interconnected reflectors achieve total wrap-around lighting. Since I was also shooting details of the models lips and eye make -up I wanted to keep it fresh with great reflections on the glossy lips , hence my tri-flector choice .  I  was able to catch the extra light and create this glow effect ,but still keeping the image sharp with out having excess fill light  .
 The TD5 was positioned directly above and behind me , so that  that I  would not  get  crazy shadows  on the neck and around the nose .
My settings where at f-stop 5.6  at 125 of  a second for  the main light source and f-stop 8 at 125 of a second for the strip banks .

Camera – Canon Mark II 
Lens  24-70 2.8 
Macro Kenko extension Tube
Sandisk 4 Extreme Cf card 
shot at Jack Dog Studio
Make Up  Artist  was 
Guerline Fequiere
with  Mac Cosmetics 
Models -Melissa Sherk & Taelyr  Hair  
Post-Processing –
Jeff Fogarty
Gina Hdez
Some Behind the Scenes shot