Yolanda Soares CD COVER

Recently I got to shoot Yolanda Soares’ album cover in my Lisbon studio.  Yolanda is an amazing cross over singer , who’s new album in a line up of four  Fado Royal  was just launched and is available in shops like Fnac or on Spotify .
For the cover art  we wanted to got with a portrait that had the look and feel of classic painting of a member of the royal family . I tried to create textures and layers using different Westcott back drops , some old coper sheets I have lying around the studio were perfect to create a unique floor , I even used a mirror  from my living room , add some smoke and a  golden arm chair , we crafted a simple but pretty setting for Yolanda .












Coincidentally, some time later, she had an interview with “Eles and  Elas” magazine and they chose one of my images for the cover (shown at the top of the post).



The entire setup was pretty complex and required some fine-tuning to get everything exactly as it was supposed to be. As always, small details make a big difference in the end result.


Doing test shots before the model is ready (usually before she arrives or while she’s doing hair and make-up) allows me to save time and have everything ready when it’s time for the real shoot.

Sara Kruss from Make U Over MakeUp.
Having a make-up artist on set is a very important part of the job.













  • Photography and Production: João Carlos
  • Make-up: Make U Over Makeup
  • Hair: Tânia Sousa
  • Assistants: Bárbara Gomes and Rui Rodrigues
  • Hasselblad H3D39
  • Hasselblad 80mm f/2.8
  • Profoto B2
  • Elinchrom 750 Micro
  • Broncolor Verso A4 (Pack and head)
  • Broncolor Beauty Dish
  • Westcott ScrimJim
  • Smoke Machine