WPC – World Photographic Cup 2017: Portugal strikes again!

The results are in and Portugal won for the second year in a row the WPC this time with the final taking place in Yokohana, Japan. I was part of the Portuguese team for the third time and it was a amazing and rewarding experience. I would like to thank everyone on the Portuguese team for all the companionship and congratulate those who made our victory possible.
Portugal won gold with 34 points followed by the United States and then Russia. 
I like to congratulate Dušan Holovej, Antti Karppinen, Pepe Soho, Eelena Malysheva, Goh Wee Seng and Lee Howell for winning Gold in their respective category.
If you want to see a full list of the winner and runner-ups click here.
Joao Carlos wpc World Photographic cup 2017 Portugal
This is the photo I submitted.
Pedro Reigoto from Koy Lab, Rui Teixeira president of App Imagem and a member of the Japanese committee holding the cup and the Portuguese flag.

Last but not least I would like to thank all the support that was given to the Portuguese team and the warm welcome that was expecting us back at Portugal. You can see a small video from it here.

“Rui Pires, president of the Portuguese Association of Image Professionals (APPImagem), which selects the team for the event, told Lusa that he was “very proud of our professionals’ work” and that “such a little country as ours” winning the prize “only shows that we are big in what we do”.
Giuseppe Scozzi, the WPC’s executive director, highlighted the international significance of the prize, noting that “there has never before been a programme involving photography in this way.” 
The Portuguese team taking part in the six categories of the 2017 WPC was made up of 15 photographers from around the country: Diogo Freitas, José Almeida and João Carlos in Commercial; Carlos Resende, Daniel Rodrigues and Nuno Sá in the Nature category; José Almeida, Diogo Freitas and Diamantino Jesus in Illustrative; Diamantino Jesus, Fernando Branquinho and André Brito in Portraits; José Ferreira, António Tendim and Rui Palha in Reportage; and Miguel Matos, Nelson Marques and Pedro Vilela in the Wedding category.
The US and Russia came second and third respectively in the team 
This year there was just one individual medal for Portugal: a bronze for José Almeida from Lisbon in the Illustration category. 
The individual gold medals went to photographers from Finland, Slovakia, the UK, Russia, Mexico and Singapore.” TPN/Lusa
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