ThinkTank Photo Unboxing first look Shape Shifter and Perception Pro


The new ThinkTank backpacks

First look at the NAKED SHAPE SHIFTER® 17 V2.0 and PERCEPTION® PRO

I always have a hard time finding the perfect backpack that fit my needs. These two caught my attention due to their smart design and functionality.


First the NAKED SHAPE SHIFTER® 17 V2.0, with the option to organize my lens pouches however I want, this lets me fit all my gear and have it able to fast reach. The detail of having the option to attache PRO SPEED BELT™ V2.0 is a great help for me. I can easily change pouches from the bag to my belt and just as easy attach the belt to the backpack.

The design of the PERCEPTION® PRO is amazing. Since its made to fit large mirrorless bodies it can hold all my fuji kit in a organised, safe and pratical way. 

These backpacks have compartments for a laptop and/or tablet witch makes them perfect for traveling

One last thing I love in Thinktank bags in general is that they usualy came with a rain cover that is not attached to the bag. This is great to keep my gear safe and keep my bag dry during and after the rain.



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