The Calling – Lost Pictures of New York

I find inspiration from everywhere and everyone , I find inspiration in song lyrics , in books , in poetry and especially in the lives and  stories  of those around me   but definitely   from the life stories of  others doing amazing things . While I was doing some web surfing I came across two videos I thought quite inspiring  one is about the calling of
 professional photographer David McLain.
I have  to say if I was not already  so in Love with the Art & Craft of photography after watching this video , It would have made me hypothetically   quite my day  job and  pic up my camera and want to get out and  shoot . On a side note this beauty piece was shot entirely on the Sony a99 full-frame DSLR camera.
The other jem of a video is about a  found a roll of film in Brooklyn.

The Calling from SonyElectronics on Vimeo.

I also noticed that the Cinematographer on this film had made some comments on the original vimeo page ..I added those below just for kicks ..

Daniel Kats  : I was the cinematographer on this film shooting with David McLain. There have been a few questions regarding what lenses we used.
We carried a wide selection of glass; but as always happens we ended up using mainly a handful of “go to” focal lengths.
From memory we had:
Zeiss ZA – (alpha a-mount)
85, 1.4
24, 2.0
135, 1.8
16-35, 2.8
24-70, 2.8
In addition we had sony alpha –
500, 4.0
70-200, 2.8
70-400, 4,5.6
50, 1.4
100 macro 2.8
We also had some Nikon manual lenses for freelensing –
50, 1.4
85, 1.4
35, 1.4
And some Pentax screw in lenses, also for freelensing –
28, 2.0
50, 1.4
135, 40
Please note: The Nikon and Pentax lenses don’t fit the Sony A-mount and can only be used in a freelensing capacity.
We had an alpha lensbaby composer which we didn’t use.
We mainly shot at 60 fps, handheld, occasionally sticks, with no support gear.
We carried a case full of Cinevate support, but it remained in the case.
….This was primarily because the the rolling shutter issues that we are all used to on DSLR’s are greatly diminished on this camera. There are of course still micro vibration problems that one has to be vigilante about. I would say that about five of the shots were stabilized in post.
We had Screw in ND’s, Polarizers and Tiffen Black frosts playing in most shots as well.
Overall the camera performed very well in some difficult locations. The two main shortcomings which will hopefully be fixed via firmware were; the lack of a focus magnification tool in video mode and the overlong latency after cutting before you can shoot again.

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I was skiing in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and I found a roll of film. I had the film developed and this is what I found.


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