I am excited to showcase some new work (kinda ).  I was  commissioned in January by the fabulous  team at NOBLE Salon and Sebastian Hair Products to shoot a series of Images inspired by Hollywood Divas . Everyone at the Salon was involved from the more experienced  stylist  to the junior stylist to the colorists , my job was not only to shoot , but also help each creative team conceptualize there images . Everyone at Noble did a amazing Job , It was a pleasure working with you all and I hope we get the chance to create more amazing images in the future . The Noble Creative team is composed of  Erica Paronich ,Ferdone Haidar ,Deborah Caputo,Coco Jiang
Jessica Montanaro,Nicole Wunderlich,Nicole Faugno,Holly Hughes,Livio Piana ,Christine “Pia” Livoti ,Ashley Fiore , Danielle Fecteau, Raquel Ribiero,John Esposito,Samantha Bailin,Brie O’Brien
Lauren Beeman ,Adrienne Gemma , Nancy Lionetti  And of course  Robert Conte Gina Cowher and
Gary Noble.

I hope you can tell were we took our references from , there are so many that I wont bother to list them , but if you guys would like to comment and guess it could be fun . 
The lovely Amanda Jean was Pocahontas
I have to thank my team of assistant for the two days Gerard Carvalho  and Rui Soares  my regular New York assistants  for there hard work as usual  and we had a extra hand from Eric Lacore  that weekend  . The wonderful  make up artist Guerline Fequiere  and our gorgeous Models , Kimberly O’Keefe, Amanda Jean,Jenny Bard, Jennifer Daniel, Adrea Loudin , Rachel O’Donnell, Ekatine Kuzina ,Ganna Iskander , all the post work was done by the talented Gina Hernandez .
Ekaterina Kuzina brings Metropolis to Life
Kimberly O’Keefe is the perfect classic film noir Icon

Rachel O’Donnell rocked the fantasy world of the ice queen

Jenny Bard was  gorgeous as the  Tangled Character

Ganna Iskander had some huge hair

Ekaterina Kuzina brings Metropolis to Life

Below are some great bts images from the day  , You can see in the pictures I used a mix of lighting depending on each story , some images are taken with Westcott spiderlights and Bruce Dorn asymetrical strips by Westcott I also use Scrim Jim’s and Triflectores and the 7ft Parabolic Umbrella and the apollo Soft box .The back backdrops area mix of Westcotts Modern Vintage backdrops and Drop it Modern Backdrops , I am shooting on Canon Mark II to Sandisk Extreme CF 64GB cards .