Mehron Make UP – INTENSE 2012

 My last gig of the year was the new advertising campaign for New York make up brand  Mehron .

Mehron has been established for over 85 years  , this is a true  honor for me working with such a talented team  and established brand . So here are some of the images and a great selections of bts images , you can also get a better Idea of the days intensity by watching the bts video .
                                       Creative Direction –         Stephanie F.  Koutikas, MEHRON
                                                       Make up-           Edward Cruz 
                                      Assistant Make up-            Stephanie F. Koutikas and Pamela Faller
                                               Photography –            Joao Carlos
                                                         Model –            GreerFenton Moon
                                                            Hair-              Charles Amos
                                                    Wardrobo-             Elle Werlin
                                      Photo Assistants  Rui Santos ,Gerard Carvalho
                                              Retouching – Gina Hernandez
              Rachel Strieber,  Kimberly Giannelli ,Katelyn O’Donnel, Laura Hajek    Meredith O’Connor
              Emma Tombaugh, Audrey Tombaugh, Julia Kurlande
                                                          Dancewear by Capezio
  Video:  Joao carlos , Rui Soares  , Gearad Carvalho  Editor :Joao carlos  
  Powered By Hasselblad, ProFoto, SanDisk, BlackRapid   3LeGGEED Thing,Westcott

 below you get a better idea how the images where made , this time my set up was anything but simple .

Here  I am sculpting the light with the Tri-  Reflector by Westcott ,