LISBON 2011 Edition II of “The world’s largest photography exhibition”

Public space, Lisbon’s patrimony, the stage for the “World’s Largest Photography Exhibition”

From the 1st to the 30th of June.


Throughout the month of June another edition of the World’s Greatest Photography Exhibition will occur in Lisbon. An international sample covering photography genres such as Photojournalism, Author Photography and Commercial Photography. The work of numerous artists with a variety of nationalities will be presented in several exhibitions, both solo and group shows.

This second edition will take place in several public locations within the beautiful capital city of Portugal, Lisbon. Throughout the Portuguese city there will be a spread of exhibitions and show-rooms.

I am more excited then I would normally be for an event like this because I have the pleasure and honor to have been invited to show my “Love tragedies” series at one of Lisbon’s most Iconic landmarks. My “Love tragedies ” will be shown on the walls of the Castelo Sao Jorge. more news soon about this show .

This event pursuits greater value as to the use of public places and the incrementation of an associative spirit within Lisbon’s commerce traders and has a partnership with Lisbon’s local celebrations’ association, EGEAC.

massive prints will cover the castle walls .

I am also excited to have created the possibility to have the Hasselblad Masters Exhibition 2010 and this years 2011 Hasselblad Masters finalists show also during Photo Lisboa at one of the cities most Honored and respected venues,Galeria da Boavista . This fantastic show with 120 photographers and over 150 works will showcase some of the best photography in the world.

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