Joao Carlos Member of the Hasselblad Masters Jury 2012

The jury for the Hasselblad Masters Awards has now been selected. This year’s jury features some of the industry’s most respected names and runs the gamut from established editors to renowned photographers. The Hasselblad Masters Jury brings an even wider range of experience and perspective to this exciting competition. Profiles of each jury member can be accessed to the right.

I am mega excited to announce that I have been invited to be part of this year’s Hasselblad Masters Jury. It’s with great honor that I excepted the invitation.

The Hasselblad Masters Jury 2012 features 21 of the industry’s most respected photographers and established leading editors. Together they constitute the majority of the Masters votes, since each jury member may submit up to 50 points in each of the 11 categories. Each Hasselblad Masters Jury Member can therefore in principle give 11 x 50 points that in total constitute 550 points.