World’s Highest Capacity MicroSD Card — 200GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXCUHS: MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS RECAP

This past March  I was in Barcelona with SanDisk at  Mobile World Congress — an event dedicated to everything about mobile devices. The city is overflowing with culture and everywhere you look at, there’s something interesting to see and do. I absolutely love it there.

 That’s me and my friend David Newton having fun at the MWC
At some point I was handed a selfie stick and couldn’t resist it

One of the amazing things introduced at the event was the 200GB SanDisk Ultra® microSDXC™ UHS-I Card: the world’s highest capacity microSD card. It’s amazing how much technology has improved in the last few years; this little card is literally the size of a finger nail and can hold up to 200GB of data — that’s hours of 4K video or thousands of pictures.

It’s really that small

Me and David showing off the new card at SanDisk’s booth

And this is our view from the booth


Me and my good friend (and fellow SandDisk Extreme Team Member) David Newton also shot a promotional video for SanDisk using their new microSD card. It was all shot using smartphones and we could really test the performance and capacity of the cards. They absolutely deliver: fast, reliable and can take up to 200GB – you can’t really ask for more.

SanDisk Retail Edit08 45 seg Ver from JOAOCARLOSMEDIA on Vimeo.


Part of our setup and creative team
And our amazing models
Our models were some amazing flamenco dancers from Mais Flamenco Ballet and we had an awesome team working with us, as always.
We also used FiLMiC’s video app ( FiLMiC Pro) as a creative tool – tit  really helped us take smartphone videography to the next level, helping us get the footage we needed without compromising our creative freedom.


Backups, backups, backups. Always important.

G-Technology makes some pretty great backup solutions, both for studio and for travelling. Whatever your situation may be, they probably have a solution for you. The image above shows my G-Dock and my G-Drive.



I try to have fun whenever possible


In addition to the video, we produced some Mini Books from Koylab to showcase the still images captured with the smartphones. Being small in size, these Mini Books are a great gift and also a great way to show your images in print without taking too much space.
Me and Dave showing off Koylab’s mini books used to promote the new microSD card
Koylab mini books


































Mobile Videography: João Carlos, David Newton
Flamenco Dancers: Mais Flamenco Ballet starring Rute DeSa Lopes & EL Maleno
Cameras: Smartphones
Directors: João Carlos, David Newton
Makeup: Sara Kruss Taborda
Behind-The-Scenes Camera: Maria Rita Imago


Assistant Camera: Bárbara Gomes
Executive Producer: João Carlos
Producer: Filipe Safara
Editor: Pedro Davim
Assistant Editor: Rita Karayianni
Thanks to: FiLMiC Pro, G Technology , 3 Legged Thing