WORKFLOW G-Team Pro Tips

I was recently featured on  G-technology social media , they asked me to give them a couple quick tips or tricks ,  this is what I had to say ..

Rangefinder Magazine  lighting article Read it Here .

80% of what I shoot is on location. Recently I was on a shoot in a swimming pool, when backing up on location, I was always worried about the drives not being able to handle the conditions (steam, heat).
I’m really looking forward to getting one of these Rugged drives and I think drives robustness is a major tech step up for creatives!


 I often hear the saying “thinking out of the box” but for me, there’s no boxes. As soon as you think that there’s a box, you’re likely to limit yourself creatively. Photography is about going into places you’ve never been before, physically and figuratively.
 Here is a link to one of my  favorite  past posts .  The Four Steps of Creativity  


 Call me a back up freak, but I always make 5 copies of everything when shooting:

– on my  Sandisk Extreme Pro  CF,SD or micro SD memory card (easy access)
– on my laptop (  2Tb Sandisk   SDD on Macbook Pro) you can read the full post on  why I have 2TB   Sandisk hard Drives . 
– on my G-DRIVE SSD (I often send those to clients and I love the flexibility with the G-DOCK ev)
– on my G-DRIVE PRO (where I save all my “work in progress”)
– on my G-SPEED Studio XL (set up in RAID 5 and used as an archive)


 On the day of the shoot, keep everyone informed of the time schedule for the whole day. I tend to find that the best way to deal with a shoot day is by working backwards. Once you know the exact time in which you have to finish the shoot, then you work out exactly the time it takes to pack up everything. It is important to think on your feet as all the possible unforeseeable obstacles may occur during the day of the shoot. read the full post on How To Shoot a fashion Editorial . 


 A month ago, I experienced a power cut in my studio. All my electric devices went off including my drives. One of the 8 drives showed up as dead on my laptop and I thought I lost everything on it.
Fortunately I had my G-SPEED Studio XL set up as a RAID 5 and I was able to retrieve ALL of my data without having g to replace the drive.  This something and awesome  New G SPEED STUDIO EV 


 I started photography 17 years ago, I’ve seen the shift to digital data and whilst today you can’t escape storage, I sometimes found myself surrounded by a ridiculous amount of external hard drives of all kind.I learnt how to be clever with my storage and I now use a G-SPEED Studio XL as an archive of my career. 24Tb of my work are now safe. I hope you enjoyed the post and remember your digital files are precious , keep them safe and back Up regularly .