The images displayed below were a commission for model and talent agency Karacter based out of Lisbon, Portugal but with models placed in some of the top agencies around the world. Every year the agency does what they call the “Model Tour”: they go around the country scouting new faces to sign with the agency. My Job was to shoot all eighteen pre-selected models – nine girls and nine boys – and give them a crash course in modeling so we can judge them and then select the winners.
Their prize, besides a one year modeling contract is a three month, all expenses paid, stay in either Paris or Milan where they can work and test and build their books to an international level. This was their first step.


Here you have my set up. I use Profoto D1 with a  Westcott 7 ft Umbrella with silver interior for my main light source. The Umbrella creates a beautiful clean spread of light and the D1 are a great portable studio Travel Kit. I also used a scrim Jim by Westcott to create a great rim light.
When testing for agencies in general your images should be very clean, crisp and clutter free. The images were shot on a neutral backdrop showing the models’ best features. Your intent here is not to show off clothing, or even your photography technique but to showcase the models’ versatility, beauty and elegance.  Models should walk away with one or two great head shots, an amazing full length image and in most cases minimal posing is best.
In this case the agency already has a mini studio area. My backdrop was a white seamless which is great because you can add or subtract light and have either a black, grey or white backdrop with a minimum investment. My light setup for the day is simple: I start by using two strobes for the backdrop with silver  umbrellas and a third with a Westcott Octabank.

Above: Joao shooting below the hip line so his model would look taller .
Joao with Think Tank Airport Express always close to him.

Using Sylights.com you get a good idea of the placement of my lights.
I had piles and piles of magazines and instructed each  model to select 4 or 5 poses that they liked, whilst they waited their turn to shoot.

Below is a little extra treat – the BTS video of the Model Tour final and Catwalk show. You can see me in the Jury chair alongside other related fashion persons, like international male model Luis Batalha, wardrobe stylist Tiago Espirito Santo, or fashion designer and Portugal Fashion organizer Miguel Flor to name a few.