UP Magazine Cover Shoot April 2019 Washington

April’s UP Magazine Cover

I am so happy to see yet another cover for Up magazine, that I shot, being published. So far this is one of my most favorite covers I have shot for Up Magazine. Its theme is: Washington, DC, and the image that I had to shoot was a recreation of the Lincoln Monument in the very same city. Having to work in a studio shared by other artists is amazing and very handy and this shoot is an example of that.  The amazing mock-up of the chair was done by my friend Ita Branco, her art atelier is in the studio. If you want to see another project that I worked with Ita on check out this gallery on my website.

COVER UP Magazine 138 April 2019 /// Washington, DC

Magazine Cover Up Washington Joao Carlos
Art Director: Raquel Porto, mais2designers.com
Photographer: joaocarlosphoto.com, assisted by Petko Angelov, Ricardo Nunes, João Paixão
Model: Francisco Ciprino, centralmodels.pt
Chair mock-up: Ita Branco
Stylist: Paulo Gomes, assisted by Ana Lomba
Make-up: Antónia Rosa, assisted by Frederico Simão
Hair: Helena Vaz Pereira, for griffehairstyle.com  assisted by Eric Ribeiro
Post-production:  Fernando Martins


The concept

Washington, DC (District of Columbia) is the US capital, inaugurated in 1800 after many fierce disputes between the lords of the southern and northern states. Located on the banks of the Potomac River, it was named after George Washington, the first American president and also who had it built. In 1860 broke out the Civil War, which fiercely opposed the pro-slavery southerners and the Northerners against, making the capital highly vulnerable, especially after Abraham Lincoln signed in 1862 the abolition of slavery. The sixteenth and one of the most beloved presidents of history, a man who defined the meaning of a democratic government as “of the people, by the people and for the people”, was murdered in April

In 1877 the Washington Post was born. will be bought in 1933 by Eugene Meyer, a Republican Jewish millionaire, promising to turn it into a public service vehicle. In 1946 he named Phil Graham, married to his daughter Katharine, editor of the Post. In 1959, following the suicide of her husband, Katharine Graham will take command of the newspaper which, under her leadership, revealed the Watergate case, leading to the resignation of President Nixon in 1974. Currently owned by Jeff Bezos, the newspaper continues to have a brilliant subtitle: “Democracy dies in darkness”.

by Paula Ribeiro

April ’19 | Making Of UP Magazine 138 by Francisco “Chico” Rodrigues

Up Magazine April 2019

Lighting Setup and Gear

Francisco Ciprino after the shoot and my lighting setup
Francisco Ciprino after the shoot and my lighting setup

Lighting Diagram UP Magazine Cover Shoot Washington Joao Carlos

I still had that Profoto gear from last time in my studio so I quickly set up the Profoto Pro Head and the Profoto B10 as main lights. For this image, I used four lights. The Pro Head with an octabox on a boom stand above the model to bring in some details. The main star of the lighting was the B10 which I used with one of my favorite modifiers, the Masters Brush from Westcott. For the background, I used my two Profoto ComPact heads placed in reflective umbrellas. As for the camera, it was my favorite Fujifilm GFX-50S with Fujinon GF120mm F4 Macro.

Joao Carlos After the shoot
I couldn’t miss the chance to take a picture of myself sitting on Lincoln’s chair.
Group picture with the whole team.
Group picture with the whole team.
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