UP Magazine Cover Shoot March 2019 Azores

March’s UP Magazine Cover

No better way to start the month then with cover for Up magazine, I am happy to share my latest cover for there March issue 2019. If you were on any TAP flight last month you have probably seen the magazine, the theme was about the Atlantic archipelago the Azores.


Art Director: Raquel Porto, mais2designers.com
Photographer: joaocarlosphoto.com, assisted by Petko Angelov, Ricardo Nunes, João Paixão
Model: Constanza, wearemodels.pt
Stylist Paulo Gomes, assisted by Ana Lomba
Make-up: Antónia Rosa, assisted by Frederico Simão
Hair: Helena Vaz Pereira, for griffehairstyle.com  assisted by Eric Ribeiro
Post-production Fernando Martins


The concept

In the “Unknown Islands” (1926), one of the most extraordinary travel books in Portuguese literature, Raul Brandão defined the sensation that the archipelago of the Azores caused him: “All this, all this blue, all this freshness, gushes through the eyes and the soul within.” After almost a century, we can feel the same motion as we approach any of its nine islands, all different and all beautiful. The Azores are a world apart, impressive in the beauty, richness and diversity of fauna and flora, land and sea. Time passes there in a special way, while sports and tourist accommodations are growing in a sustainable way. An example for the whole planet. Dive with us in this dazzling universe.

by Paula Ribeiro

March ’19 | Making Of UP Magazine 137 by Francisco “Chico” Rodrigue

Azores-UP-Magazine-BTS from JOAOCARLOSPHOTO on Vimeo.

Lighting Setup and Gear

My interns talking with Constanza. Here you can see a part of the lighting setup for the shot.
My interns talking with Constanza. Here you can see a part of the lighting setup for the shot.

During this shoot, I had the amazing opportunity to try out some gear that Profoto sent me to try out. For the cover image, I created a four light setup, my key light was a Profoto  Pro Head with the Profoto Pro-10, with a Profoto Deep Umbrella XL. It was placed on the right side as you can see on the diagram. I had a big reflective panel from behind the model but I still needed a bit more light, so placed a Profoto B10 in a stripbox over the panel pointing towards the model. For the background, I used my two Profoto ComPact heads placed in reflective umbrellas. Each covered with a white panel so it doesn’t bring flares in the camera. The camera was my favorite Fujifilm GFX-50S with Fujinon GF120mm F4 Macro.

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