The Draft Mag – # 7 Beauty

I am excited to share some work just recently  published in The Draft Mag .
The Draft Mag  is a nontraditional independent publication dedicated to stretching the boundaries of self expression in photography, music, illustration, lyrics etc. THE DRAFT MAG presents artists’ work from around the world  creating a hub to inspire and enable collaboration between artists, and serve as meeting place with the audience in the form of an online social community. At the draft you can find the edgy and the trendy.
My beauty story created with the help of make up artist Guerline  Fequiere and  gorgeous red head bombshell Cat Hedlund .

Incase you are wondering how I created the feel of this series , thats simple , I used my trusty Lensbaby composer with the double glass on my Canon Mark II and Westcott TD5  with two Bruce Dorn asymmetrical stripbanks  also by Westcott , The back drops are also Modern Vinatge by Westcott . I created the distort dissaray  feel using not only my Lensbaby but a simple peaice of plastico celofane cliped inbetween my lights with clothing pin and shot direcley threw it , its natural on camera effecs .