The Best Camera – SAMSUNG NX100

Recently I was commissioned to photograph a corporate event for Barclay’s Bank PT.
This was a team building event but it was basically a bunch of suits winding down from a complicated fiscal year with lots of pep talks from international and national speakers including Ivy league Professors, International rugby players and international coaches. There was a even special guest appearance by Barclay’s CEO.
Normally I would not have blogged about this gig as this is one of those jobs that basically pays the bills, but considering I had some camera trouble on the second day of shooting I thought that this may add some interest to this post…

The gear I took for this was limited to my 35 mm Kit that’s compiled of my Canon 5D, 16-35 2.8, a 50. 1.4 and a 70-200 2.8 L series glass (all Canon) and my second camera that travels with me everywhere I go, my Samsung NX100.
Lucky for me I had my Samsung!

The mirror on my canon popped off (apparently a common defect in this camera) so I had no other choice but to break out the Samsung NX100 with the 20mm lens 2.0 and a Samsung flash (this camera does not have a built in flash). The NX100 saved my weekend and my gig and the client loved the images. I was invited to sit at the company’s President’s table and she was so impressed with the NX100 she had me give her all the information on it because she was interested in a new camera for herself. With the price and quality of the Samsung NX100, it is a great option.