Tertulien Thomas – pure emotion

Recently and after almost two years , I had another sitting with actormodelsinger Tertulien Thomas and again the results are amazing the chemistry between the model and the photographer is still strong if not extremely stronger .

I opted for natural light with only some fill from my Westcott six in one Reflector, I honestly do not go anywhere with out it . The choice of natural light kept the spontaneity of the shoot .Modeling should never be posy or forced and like acting we need to get out of our heads and just go with the flow and to also maintain a sense of confidence because that always comes across in a photo. Listening is key because in listening direction is always taken well.
Models should always use what’s around them when being photographed because we are selling lifestyle and a story, whether it’s emotions or the elements use them in your favor.

My fabulous make -up artist was Guerline Fequiere she kept the make up simple but made sure Tertuliens skin looked fresh and healthy.