Tazio Racing in Daytona

Tazio, will be racing Tuesday and hopefully Wednesday…in his first
National Kart Race…..it will be on www.SpeedCastTV.com you can sign in as
Patrizio and your password is ariccia67……to watch otherwise you have to
pay since we are members here is the info so you can watch and not pay we,
he is racing in the cadet class we don’t know exactly what time but racing
begins at 10 and ends at 5, he is the second class out and each race is
about 15 minutes…they have qualifying and then a heat race then a final
race, then the next day is more heats then finals…….pray he does great,
he is really fast literally in the top 5, he is amazing and sooo happy with
his results…we have a new car and new engine, and he has new
motivation….Daytona is magical for a race car driver but imagine a little
boy driving his go kart here, he is sooooooo pleased with his performance
and we are so proud him…….he has surpassed his personal best for
himself…….and we can’t and don’t want to get that grin off his face,

Tazio had a great race he started 19 and finished 13 out of 40 he gained six positions and we are so proud, of all the drivers who come only 40 get picked they are the fastest in the country this is for the Cadet Kart Championship so he had an amazing finish…lets see what tomorrow brings lets hope and pray he does even better…..