Flex Daylight LED 2-Light X-Bracket Kit (1′ x 1′) | Westcott Extremely powerful 2-light setup Entire kit fits in one over-the-shoulder bag Includes 2 flexible, lightweight 1′ x 1′ LED mats Dimmable, high-output LEDs 95 ~ 98 CRI Includes 2 versatile mounting brackets Think Tank® Photo CityWalker™ 30 shoulder bag Stands not included


Flex Daylight LED Cine Set (1′ x 1′) | Westcott Ultra-versatile 1-Light Flex LED bundle Flexible, lightweight LED mat Fully-dimmable, high-output LEDs with 95-98 CRI Durable Scrim Jim Cine modular framework Includes mounting arm, extension cable, and more Silent and flicker-free operation


Ice Light 2 Daylight LED | Westcott 1740 lumen output with 97 CRI 5500K daylight-balanced output Ultra-portable for handheld use Weighs under 20 ounces Removable Li-ion battery 60+ minute runtime 18-step dimming from 5% to 100% Digital output display Built-in bluetooth capabilities ¼”-20 threads for easy mounting


Peter Hurley Flex LED 4-Light Kit | Westcott Developed by award-winning portrait photographer Peter Hurley Complete 4-light Flex LED kit Creates stunning headshots Ultra-high ouput Flex LED mats Daylight-balanced at 5600K with impressive 95 CRI Water-resistant and lightweight Silent and flicker-free operation