Stages of Isoaltion at the Kirchberg Hospital

The last couple of months have been a tornado of excitement, projects, exhibitions and forgetfulness.  Back in April I inaugurated my exhibition “Stages of Isolation” at the art space gallery inside the Kirchberg Hospital in Luxembourg, I had just been in Las Vegas for WPPI and I flew direct to mount the exhibition, I was only in Luxembourg for 3 days, it was enough time to set up the exhibit and do a series of interviews about the show .

I had an amazing two page feature and interview in Duke Magazine  

Plus some other talks in various media, funny that when I arrived back home to Lisbon  I cought Covid 19, so besides the normal fever and body aches, I was a little forgetfull for a couple of weeks , I was positive I had blogged about the exhibition , but now I realize  I did not.


João Carlos: Dealing with mental illness in a post-Covid world

“Each picture represents a week of isolation and the emotions it generated,” says photographer João Carlos about his series: “Stages of isolation”. His exhibition is held at the Kirchberg hospital.

Unfortunately, because of the Covid-19 the exhibition didn’t have an official vernissage, but I was still happy and proud to have this opportunity to exhibit in a gallery that’s not quite like other galleries. Bringing more meaning behind the idea of the series.

I can not forget to thank my good friend Nelson Coelho and family who took me in , gave a  welcoming place to stay and created the  oprtinuty for me to exhibit at the hospoital .


Link to Duke Mag interview and Feture   

I did not have allot of time In Luxembourg ,however I do always take my Fuji X100V with me and that always makes for some great street photos ..