Samsung NX 100 powers the Daily Dose

Exciting things have been happening lately around here. New partnerships have been created, lots of new projects in the works and tons of ideas to share. Yes, I said it, sharing. That’s what I plan on doing much much more of. I plan on sharing more tips, more behind the scenes of my shoots, my travels and my day to day experiences and inspirations.
I have been looking for a way to share more and more and it’s now possible.
The Daily Dose has a new engine behind it’s creative energies…
I have been invited by the Korean powerhouse Samsung to test their new compact camera the NX100, a mirror-less camera with interchangeable lenses.
Last week, myself, some other photographers and a few journalists were invited to the Algarve for a weekend of fun, driving race cars and taking pictures at the brand new International Algarve motor Park .

I loved the experience so much and saw so many possibilities with this little marvel that I had to have more personal time with it.
I won’t go into all the technical specs just yet, I’ll keep that for a future post, but I will show you a video and images from that weekend. I can also say that the images shot at the Hasselblad Masters exposition at thePrintspace Gallery in London were all taken with the NX100 (see previous post).

Click to play Video – Video by Tiago Cardoso Pinto Conversometro