Pixel Shift with the GFX 100S

I have to say besides the overall new design, smaller form factor and massive sensor, incredibly fast AF, gorgeous color profiles, one of my favorite new features of the GFX 100S is Pixel Shift Multi-Shot.

I had the opportunity to photograph Artwork, Paintings, and illustrations from two very talented artists, Art Painters Karyna Kupryienka and Marissa Fernandes

The artists wanted museum quality reproductions of their art and, I was able to give them just that, without having to have crazy big setups or use sliders or dolly’s or rails.

Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function is amazing, it combines 16 RAW files to create a single 400MP image that reproduces the finest details with ultimate color accuracy. 

In the PIXEL SHIFT MULTI SHOT mode, the camera takes a series of RAW images and, by using IBIS, moves the image sensor to get a high-resolution and real color* image. 

The multiple images are then combined to create a Digital Negative (DNG) RAW file, using the FUJIFILM Pixel Shift Combiner software.

This process results in unparalleled color reproduction, minimal false colors, and is perfect for archiving works of art, preserving cultural assets, or for any application that requires immense color fidelity and sumptuous detail.

The little video was made so you can see how simple the process was. 

Pixel Shift with the GFX 100S
Art Work by: Karyna Kupryienka
and Arte Branco