Raquel Prates in my studio with FujiFilm X-T3

Photographing Raquel Prates

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph one of Portugal’s most beautiful women: Raquel Prates ! She is a former model, TV presenter and, she’s a Portuguese fashion icon!
This was the second time I am photographing her. If you are interested to see images from the first session I had with Raquel click here.

The photoshoot and my lighting

This series was created for and during Lisbon Fashion Week. I photographed Raquel in my studio which gave me the opportunity to create amazing lighting. She brought two beautiful outfits from the designer Elisabetta Franchi. Also, photographed a series of portraits of Raquel Prates showcasing her new hair color style transformation.
My idea was to create simple but strong images. The lighting needed to feature her new hairstyle, so I used Westcott Rapid a box with a Profoto B1 strobe mounted on a big boom stand so it is position right above her head pointing to the floor. The key  light was my big Westcott Octabank with another B1. It was mounted on my smaller boom stand, staying in front of the model a bit on my left side. All this created a very soft light which brought beautiful textures on her skin.
As for the full body shots, I moved the big Octabox to the right and had a big white board reflecting from the left.

Raquel Prates Portrait 1 Raquel Prates Portrait 1

Raquel Prates Yellow Dress 1  Raquel Prates Yellow Dress 2

Raquel Prates Blue Dress 1 Raquel Prates Blue Dress 1

The Fujifilm XT3

During this shoot, I was also testing for the first time the Fujifilm XT3. It is a great little powerhouse of the camera with rapid face motion detection features and… And believe it or not, it shoots up to 30 frames per second! This came was really helpful since I wanted to freeze the movement of the dress and like that, I had a much easier time doing so. As you can see by the results it makes for some super interesting images that are technically easy to create.
My studio is ready for the incoming photoshoot
My studio is ready for the incoming photoshoot


Model: Raquel Prates
Dress: Elisabetta Franchi

Photo: João Carlos
Makeup: Diana Saavedra

Hair: Ken Costa

The crew! Me, Raquel Prates and Diana Saavedra
Me, Raquel Prates and Diana Saavedra