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João Carlos


Born in New York in 1977 to Portuguese parents, Joâo Carlos is a commercial and fashion photographer currently based in New York. Though he expressed interest in having a “real” camera at the age of five, Joâo’s artistic explorations began with painting. While documenting some of his artwork, he was hit by the epiphany that photography was where his passions lay and changed course from the traditional fine arts he had been studying. He began his photographic career as an assistant to Joâo Palmeiro, an advertising photographer in Portugal.

For several years prior to moving to New York, Joâo worked with some well-established photographers and various production companies on a free-lance basis. His client list is composed of advertising agencies, magazine editors, and apparel and beauty companies such as Nike, Avon, Pfizer, HP and many others. His work has been featured in several magazines and TV Programs such as DP – Arte Fotografica, Direct Arts Magazine, iFotoVideo and Plum TV. He has also been published in a variety of other publications including W25 Magazine, Numero, J’adore Magazine, Six Degrees, Umbigo Magazine, Forbes, and Nstyle to name a few. He has won many awards, including 2009 Hasselblad Masters Award; and he is a brand ambassador to Hassleblad Master, SanDisk Extreme Team, HP Printing, Drop it Modern, Lensbaby, Westcott Top Pro. Joâo currently runs a boutique production house in Lisbon and New York City.

Joâo believes that there are CompactFlash® card manufacturers and then there are GREAT CompactFlash card manufacturers: that’s why he only relies on his SanDisk cards. A fast card saves time and increases his productivity. The SanDisk Extreme® Pro™ series offers the speed, reliability and durability he needs for his equipment. They are built to hold up to his extreme professional needs and he doesn’t go anywhere without them.


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