On the set of ” II Ne Reste Plus Rien” Music Video

I have been meaning to post images from behind the scenes of the most recent music video I shot as a Director of Photography. Things have been quite busy these last couple of months, with lots of projects and travels, so I have not had a proper chance to do so. In May I was invited by my friend Actor/Singer Tertulian Thomas to be part of his new project, “II Ne Reste Plus Rien”, a french ballad that marked his singing debut. The video was shot over a weekend between my Toronto and Miami Trip. So Life has definitely been non-stop all the way. The editing of the final video and mastering of the music video is nearly completed and I should have the final video very soon to show all of you.
Until that happens you get a taste here with some behind the scenes shots. We kept the team small, but got big results .

I won’t go into too many technical details on this one, unless I get lots off people requesting more info. I will just say that I could not have shot this without my favorite reflectors, “scrim jims” from Westcott, and all the help from everyone over at Fotocare Rentals.

Tertulien Thomas -” II Ne Reste Plus Rien”
Director – Patrick Mediante
DOP Art Director – Joao Carlos
Producer – Jessica Rotante
Talent – Nadine Maxwell – Red Model Management
Wardrobe – Jay Johnson
Make up Artist – Guerline Fequiere