New Website powered by Prodibi

Your website is like the store front window of your business. It’s the first thing your clients see and you only have one chance to make a good first impression. So it has to look amazing, reflect your vision as well as your personality and really showcase your work in the best light.
I’m very excited to announce that my NEW WEBSITE POWERED by  PRODIBI  site is now live!
I’d love for you to come and see for yourself.  I would like to hear what you think of the new and any feedback you can give, will help me as I continue on my quest to build a better website. 

This is a never ending journey. I work hard so that every new project is better than the previous, either visually more appealing or technically more challenging. About my new site, while at Salon de Foto this past year I was introduced to Web-based image viewing innovators PRODIBI. I have designed and built around six websites in my career and I have to say this is the sleekest, easiest and most responsive site I have owned  yet to date . But most importantly it’s the website that makes my images look the best they have ever looked online. 
That’s because Prodibi released a powerful new version of Prodibi Portfolio, a digital image portfolio platform that supports native-resolution image viewing. That  is specifically designed for serious and professional artists and photographers.   

Tile cascade portfolios make for simple and beautiful user experience .

The cloud-based Prodibi Portfolio enables rapid display, zoom and pan of extreme high-resolution images while using minimal internet bandwidth. Unlike other platforms which limit image size for more rapid web viewing, Prodibi Portfolio’s fully rendered images quickly and easily display in any browser on tablets, smart phones, laptops and other devices.
The image above shows my beauty portfolio . 


zoomed in 100% for maximum quality and detail. 

It’s a totally fresh new look, I have included a lot of never seen before images and series.


Prodibi Portfolio is groundbreaking technology for professional or amateur photographers and artists. Personal portfolios with unprecedented visual experience. visitors will be able to see the work as it was intended to be seen, with fast, smooth zooming regardless of image file size. There is no latency, even when viewed full screen, and no stretching, distortion, or loss of resolution.

Image zoomed to fit the screen
The same image, at 100% zoom on my website 
Another example of the image quality 
…and here at 100% zoom
Prodibi is definitely a differentiator, a way to gain attention and increase your audience,This is truly the perfect way to feature my work on line . My  images are much richer than anything that can be seen on a social media site or a typical website. 
Display rich images of your work. Users can start with a free trial, which easily converts to a subscription service. Features include unlimited file size, image management, color management, smart cropping, ultra-sharp images on the highest resolution monitors, and more.
I am so excited about my new Website that I have made a partnership with Prodibi , and you can  now use PROMO CODE JOAOPRODIBI a 10% discount on any PRODIBI Package.
Free trial available at:

About Prodibi

Prodibi is a Geneva-based company formed in early 2011 by Frederic and Olivier Hamel.  Frederic Hamel, a software developer and talented photographer, suggested to his brother, Olivier, that they combine talents to create a software solution that would allow rapid viewing of native resolution digital images. Prodibi’s image viewing products provide professional artists and web publishers with the fastest, most responsive solutions available for displaying high-resolution images on the internet. Prodibi Portfolio is tailored to the needs of casual and professional photographers and artists. Prodibi Image is designed specifically for business users. Prodibi’s cloud-based software products are popular with watchmakers, fashion photographers, and other image intensive applications.