This year has been a great year for reconnecting with old clients and working with a lot of new ones. One of my favorite new clients is NAU XXI Magazine. Nau XXI is a fashion, lifestyle, design trendy Magazine focusing on anything and everything to do with the Ocean. I had the pleasure of creating the fist cover image for them. It was a very easy studio shoot. The concept was a man staring through a pair of Leica binoculars looking at the horizon.
Below in the behind the scenes images you can get a good idea of my setup. I am using the Big Broncolor Hazy Light as a hair light, my main light source is a Profoto 1D with a Wescott Bruce Dorn asymmetrical strip light. My Canon is mounted on my 3LT Tripod, and I’m also using a six in one reflector from Westcott and two foam boards to catch any extra light.

Above: talented make up artist Alex Me grooming our cover Model.