Photography – Joao Carlos Photography
Styling – Dyane van den Broek | Fashion Stylist
Models – Ana Paula and Edir (Elite Lisbon)
Make Up + Hair – Alex Me
Photo Assistant – Nuno Faria
Pool Boy for NAU 21 #3 was a fun summer fashion editorial I created with the help of the most talented and wonderful fashion stylist Dyane van den Broek. We totally hit it off. When you find that kind of creative connection with someone, I recommend you take advantage of it and get working on some major projects. Since this was an editorial we had a very limited budget, so all of the props were purchased in random dollar stores (Loja do Chinês). I spent less then 50$ on all of the props.
The location was an abandoned hotel. There were no fences to jump, so we risked it. I almost always have permits for my shoots, but there is always the random exception to the rule. This was just that exception.
It was great to pull talented models from Elite Models – Ana Paula and Edir are both gorgeous and sexy. I see models more as actors who transform themselves into characters in the stories me my team and I create. The results are very expressive and I hope they enjoyed themselves at the shoot as much as I enjoyed the afternoon.
It was a lovely sunny day, a real scorcher. I did not have a lot of time for this editorial and It was a race against the sunset, but I am extremely happy with the flow of the images. There was a light grooming and make-up work and I entrusted that excellent job to one of my preferred make-up artists, Alex Me
In case any of you light seekers are interested in my set up, it’s quite simple: I used a Profoto 7B portable pack with a ring flash rented from my local Camera Rental Shop PG Photo grafica
The major twist is instead of using the Ring flash mounted on the camera lens (Canon 5D Mark III with a 16-35mm f/2.8) like you would normally do, I shot with the ring flash off to the side. I find that I prefer the shadow and depth of the ring flash used in this position.

Above is a perfect BTS image of my setup. Two 3Legged Thing tripods, X1 Brian and X0 Keith, one with my camera mounted (Canon 5D Mark III) and the other one with a Profoto ring flash attached to a Power Pack 7B. 3LT tripods are very very lightweight and sturdy, so I prefer to use a tripod rather than a light stand to hold my lights.
I chose a wide-angle lens (16-35 f/2.8) to give me this look and I was also shooting directly to CF Sandisk Extreme Pro 32 & 64 GB at 90 MB/s. The cards are so fast that I don’t have to worry about buffering speeds. I don’t have a shot here but all my gear fits into a Think Tank Airport Express.