Here is a little inspiration for the day . I selected three TED TALKS Videos that I found very inspiring. I would also like to send out this reminder for you regular readers of my blog and if its your first time here, well you are invited also . I am in the process of some Major changes here on the blog , change in my opinion is good , it keeps you on your feet and makes you stay creative, with that being said , I am looking for some regular guest bloggers , so please shoot me out a email , if you have any ideas or inspiring work you think would be worth sharing .I am also always open to your suggestions on any topics you would like me to blog about . Another change is that the blog will be re-branded soon and will no longer be the Joao Carlos Daily Dose , but the PHOTO DAILY DOSE . thanks again , and come back tomorrow where my first guest blogger of the year will have a chance to inspire you . all the best Joao