Mobile World Congress 2018 Barcelona – Sandisk Social Media Take Over

… ” Last month you had the opportunity to accompany SanDisk Extreme Team member Joao Carlos Photography in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress  #SanDiskBehindTheLens! read all about here” …

Since 2013 I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Sandisk on numerous projects  to showcase some of their awesome products at Mobile World Congress. One year  I sailed the Caribbean aboard the  two largest tall ships in the world. Another year I worked with Flamenco Dancers  in the streets of Lisbon , and way back in 2013 I created mobile fashion video and conducted a hi-end fashion shoot  where all the images were taken with a mobile devices.  This year I went back to Barcelona and had a little social media take over for Sandisk .

Welcome to February’s  #SanDiskBehindTheLens! This month we will be accompanying SanDisk Extreme Team member Joao Carlos Photography in Barcelona. From tomorrow until March 1st, tune in at 3pm (UK time) for a Facebook Live session with Joao. Plus keep an eye on this space as Joao will be sharing some of the wonders of the City of Counts.

We were live with Joao Carlos Photography in the streets of Barcelona! Check out his best street photography tips and tricks – using only a mobile device. Check out @sandisk on Instagram for more!



That selfie smile of a job well done

” Timelapse is a great way to share history: here I am at bunkers del Carmel, one of the hidden gems of Barcelona built during the Spanish Civil War. Recording Timelapse at sunset gives the opportunity to admire the hustle and bustle during the transformation of the day into the night.”

” In this case, a single image is not enough to show the beauty of Barcelona. This shot was taken from bunkers de Carmel. The best place to admire the views of this amazing city.”

“What created my interest in the scene where the converging lines. Because the time of the day, when the light was ‘harsh’, it made for great contrast.  That’s why I opted for the Black and White. Also, the Gothic style, so characteristic of Barcelona, makes it great for pictures with great texture, depth, and details.”

Hyperlapse Experience

Joao Carlos Photography: ” working on this hyperlapse was a great opportunity to jump on a bike. Set a tripod with Huawei Mate 10 Lite and explore the amazing beach: Barcelonette. Effect I really like it because it shows how active the city can be – and by the way registered from a photographer’s point of view. “

” In this situation, I had to get close to the nearest and not be afraid to have soap all over my clothes, my camera or my face. I used a burst mode to do a sequential series of images. It helped me capture the perfect moment with ” the man inside ” of the bubble!”

In Barcelona, at Mobile World Congress, Joao Carlos Photography chats with Ruben Dennenwaldt, Senior Product Manager at SanDisk about the new 400GB SanDisk Extreme microSD card.

Last day of the Mobile World Congress and we end the series of our interviews with Kathrin Widmayer, at Huawei Mobile, talking with Joao Carlos Photography about the ever-increasing demands of mobile photography.