With September around the corner this blog post is to some up  a little what I have been working on over the last couple of months .
I have been a little more absent then usual here on the Photo Daily Dose , I promise things are in the works so that I can blog more regularity but the truth is  sometimes the amount of ” Stuff” I have on my plate is overwhelming . At the moment I am in a good place creativity , productively   and dare I say it even spiritually,  but it just hard to find the time to do everything  I want to do.
I  am  dedicating allot of time to my personal projects  , there is my first documentary film   called”  ALIVE INDIVIDUAL ABLE”  about adaptive sport in Canada , USA , and Portugal   where my self and team made  up of co director  Pedro Davim  , Producer  Elissa Spangler  ,   Camera and ski Camera operators Susan Roderick  ,  Ryan  HK and Maria  Rita   have had the Pleasure of meeting , interviewing  and documenting the lives and stories of Tyler Mosher , Josh Dueck , the Seattle Adaptive sports  and  over thirty   amazing athletes in these three  country’s  ,   have a look at the   web site add the facebook page  this is a work in progress ,  updates  very soon .
Tyler Mosher is a 2010 Paralympian for Cross Country Skiing and the Adaptive Snowboarding World Champion (2009). Tyler is 40% Paralyzed below the waist and shares his learn to walk again and goal setting strategy as an inspirational speaker. Image Taken by Joao Carlos during the filming of the Documentary “Alive Individual Able ” and for the BOOK with the same tittle.
  I have still been working on the Love Tragedies series  and  I am constantly shooting I AM BUNNY , here are some new Bunny shots from some of our travels around the globe .

 I recently relocated back to Portugal  , and have set up a new STUDIO – OFFICE –  CREATIVE HUB  called G9STUDIO  lots in the works there .
I guess the best way for me to finish this post is  to show a great video and two quotes from the same Video  about Creativity making good art and keeping  it true to your own beliefs  and creations
   “It’s easy to get work. But people who KEEP work in a freelance world – and more and more it is freelance – it’s because their work is good and because they’re easy to get along with and because they deliver the work on time. And you don’t even need all three. Two out of three is fine. People will tolerate how unpleasant you are if your work is good and you deliver on time. People will forgive the lateness of the work if it’s good and they like you, and you don’t have to be as good as everyone else if you’re on time and it’s always a pleasure to hear from you.”
“A freelance life, a life in the arts, is sometimes like putting messages in bottles on a desert island and hoping that someone will find one of your bottles and open it and read it and put something in a bottle that will wash its way back to you: appreciation or a commission or money or love. And you have to accept that you will put out hundreds of things for every bottle that winds up coming back.”

-Neil Gaiman