This is the series we have all been waiting for , its has been in the making for months , and it took the  creative and collaborative effort of my self , the talented Gina Hernandez and Carla Tavares . I had the opportunity to shoot a group of Mexican Lucha Libre wrestlers  during may last and most recent trip to Mexico city , It was great to  have Gina sit in on the shoot , we have worked on nanny creative projects  but this was the first time she joined me on set .. Gina took images I provided of the wrestlers and the locations and backdrops and with my guidance and direction  composed and transformed the simple wrestlers into ICONIC super heroes and Villains, Carla Tavares a great graphic designer i had the chance to work with on a previous project then took that Image and with my guidance and orientation again  created 22 amazing film Posters and Teasers the results are below , I hope you love them as much as I do