‘Love Tragedies’ at Castelo Sao Jorge

The Lisbon Photo Festival entitled “A Maior Exposicao Fotografica do Mundo was to be the hosting event of an exhibition of my ‘Love Tragedies’ series. Held at Castelo Sao Jorge in the historical and oldest district in Lisbon, the large format prints are exhibited on the castle walls and will remain there for the rest of the month of June.
This is a behind the scenes video made during the setting up process of the exhibition on the opening day, it was an amazing experience seeing the work come full circle. Just over a year ago, I was creating these images here in Portugal for the Hasselblad Master’s Book and exhibition series. Seeing them exhibited for the first time at The Vision Gallery in Fotokina, Germany was amazing, and now to see them exhibited on such an iconic landmark in my parent’s homeland was incredible.
I’d like to thank the organizers of the event Aurora Diogo from Login For love, Castelo Sao Jorge, BR2 printing company, Canon Portugal ,Staples ,EGEAC, and Banco Popular and all the people who came to the opening, and those who will go till the end of the month.
There are loads of other shows and events taking place this month in Lisbon, so if you’re around, make sure you get round those too.
For more info: http://www.expolisboa2011.com/