LENS BABY TRIO FOR Fuji XT2 first impressions

I have been a Lensbaby user for manny years using multiple  lenses  in my creative work. Part of the attraction of the Lensbaby series—beyond the creative capabilities—is the modular construction that allows the user to swap out the components to change up the results.
Lensbaby calls this Optic Swap. So from the same lensses you get multiple effects and options,  The Trio 28 goes this approach  three folds   better. It consists of three separate and distinct optics that are mounted on a rotating turret.
staying in line with other Lensbaby Products , the  Trio brings you three Lensbaby favorites all in one spot , The Twist , Velvet and Sweet .

The Trio 28  is where convenience meets creativity. Designed specifically for mirrorless camera users, I have been using mine with my Fuji XT-1  and XT-2 they work beautifully together  .  The Trio 28 features three selective focus optics in one compact lens design.  I love the Trio 28’s wide 28mm focal length its perfect for  capturing   interesting street scenes, landscapes, environmental portraits, and more. Simply rotate a dial to choose your inspiration from our most popular creative optical effects.


  • Twist gives you a large sharp central area of focus surrounded by twisty, swirling bokeh


  • Velvet has a sharp yet dreamy central area of focus with delicate glow from edge-to-edge


  • Sweet creates a sharp central sweet spot of focus surrounded by gradually increasing blur


The Lensbaby Trio 28 performs as described . It’s great to be able to select from three different creative effect optics without physically removing and replacing the lens. At the very beginning I did have a bit of trouble telling the difference from one shot to the next ,  in order to fairly compare the differences in the lenses, the subject had to be constant.


If you’re a regular Lensbaby user, you’ll appreciate getting three optics for the price of one. But that’s only part of the reason to buy one. The three optics give you greater creative flexibility all wrapped up in one lens. I also love the small coompact size of the Trio 28 , this alows me to add three extra lenses in the space of one tiny lens .


  • Compact size
  • Nice feel, cool vintage look
  • Good image quality
  • Fun to use with a camera that has focus peaking


  • No aperture changes  however 3.5 aperture is till very nice

Gear Used

We tested the Lensbaby Trio with the Fujifilm X-T2  and XT-1

Tech Specs

  • Focal Length: 28mm
  • Aperture: fixed f/3.5
  • 3 Optics for 3 effects – Twist, Velvet, Sweet
  • Minimum focus distance: 8”
  • Maximum focusing distance: Infinity
  • Focus Type: Manual
  • Size/Weight: 4.9oz, 2.75” x2.75” x2”
  • Twist Optic: 4 multi-coated elements in 3 groups
  • Velvet Optic: 3 multi-coated elements in 2 groups
  • Sweet Optic: 3 multi-coated elements in 3 groups
  • 46mm front threads

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