Shooting Portuguese TV Host João Manzarra for UP Magazine

A Perfect Weekend: Peniche

I am excited to share my latest shoot for UP Magazine. I was given the opportunity over a couple of days to accompany Maria Ana Ventura who was interviewing João Manzarra, a popular Portuguese TV host in Peniche, Portugal. On this trip, I had the perfect chance to test out the newest member of my kit the Fujifilm X-H1 and the new small underwater camera FinePix XP130, which Fujifilm Portugal loaned me.
During the visit, we went to various places like Baleal, Peniche, and the Berlenga island. These three gave me a really good opportunity to test out the new gear on location. Plus there were times when we were traveling on boats, which was another awesome way to test out my new goodies.

Some pictures taken with the FinePix XP130 on a dinghy, while we were going to the Berlengas island. It is the perfect companion for such situations.
Some pictures of João Manzarra taken with the FinePix XP130 on a dinghy, while we were going to the Berlengas island. It is the perfect companion for such situations.

Good Vibrations with João Manzarra

Article João Manzarra 1

Article João Manzarra 2Article João Manzarra 3

Article João Manzarra 4

Article João Manzarra 5

If you want to read the article follow this link to Up Magazine website

While I was photographing, the crew from Dois Meios was filming a video about the article. Here it is:

Heading to Berlengas, with João Manzarra at the wheel.
Heading to the Berlengas, with João Manzarra at the wheel.

Shooting for the article

I have been doing this type of shoot for UP Magazine before, so I was coming prepared for it. The goal of the article is to show the overall experience of the guest and present it the way they saw it with their eyes. Having just a few days with unpredictable weather and with a full schedule makes the task harder, but also more dynamic and fun. In the beginning, the journalist prepares places to visit so we have a plan stick to. In this case, the main place we had to visit was Berlenga Island, a beautiful natural reservation with protected wildlife. We were visiting some local restaurants and showcase their food, also, portraying the various hotels we stayed over during the nights. Basically, I had to photograph a little bit of everything, landscapes, portraits, interiors, food and etc.

I made a selection of personal favorites and gave them my own BW edit most didn’t get selected for the final print magazine.

João Manzarra Perfect Weekend

João Manzarra Perfect Weekend 2 João Manzarra Perfect Weekend 4

João Manzarra Perfect Weekend 3

João Manzarra Perfect Weekend 5 

João Manzarra Perfect Weekend 6 João Manzarra Peniche

If you want to see more images of this shoot I posted a small gallery on my portfolio.

What was in my bag

As I mentioned before I was carrying my brand new copy of Fujifilm X-H1 and the new Fujifilm FinePix XP130. I was trying to keep everything as small as possible, didn’t even bring my Fujifilm X100F. Also because I was going to be around a lot of water, I took only two lenses for the X-H1, my wide-angle Fujinon XF 14mm 2.8 R and a Fujinon XF 16-55mm 2.8 R LM WR. I took a zoom lens because of the type of shoot where I wouldn’t want to switch lenses during the times I was shooting. In case some extra light was needed I brought a Profoto A1 strobe. A compact flash with a lot of power. I brought my Gnarbox to take care of the backups and an Instax Share printer to have some fun with printing images on the go. Thanks to my Pro Speed Belt where I can hang all of the gear that I use during photographing I was really agile and able to move quickly around to prepare for the next shot.

Maria Ana Ventura holding a Profoto A1 that Colorfoto loaned me to test out.
Selfie with Maria Ana Ventura holding a Profoto A1, she is amazing because she becomes my Strobe with legs.

A Great little printer

Instax Share was awesome to have on the shoot, it made for the perfect icebreaker, there was a moment when we were moving from one location to the other, I handed João Manzarra the Instax Share and I didn’t tell him what it was, I just said hold this, suddenly the image popped out. I recorded it on my phone you can see his expression of excitement.

Here is an Unboxing and First Impressions video for the Fuji FinePix XP130


Gnarbox Backing up Phone
Backing up while traveling where my backpack is the perfect desk

Special Thanks To Colourforo and Innovafoto for lending me some gear