Fujifilm Workshop: Studio Portrait w/ João Carlos

Hello everyone recently I held a Fujifilm Studio Portrait event at Narrativa. The event was a showcase of the many ways to shoot portrait photography. How different lighting affects the look of a photo and what gear to use in different scenarios.

The day started with a presentation about all the gear I use in my studio and how each piece of gear helps me accomplish the perfect portrait. We then went in depth with how different lighting and tools can help you create the perfect look you want.


We then went into the interactive part of the day where we tried multiple different light 
techniques and first on the list was light painting!

Our second station was showing off the use of many reflectors well using one light source and how you 
can easily brighten up an image even with limited light.

Our last station was showing off the use of multiple lights and diffusers by using a beauty dish and an octobox.
The event was an amazing day of learning and getting together to create great images. If you would like to get involved in the next event make sure to go to Joáo Carlos Photo on Instagram and keep an eye on the blog for more posts! 

Also, click the image below to watch the highlights of the event!