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This has been an amazing past year on so many levels for me, I have reached new and interesting levels in my almost fifteen years as a professional image maker. At the beginning of the year I was awarded the Hasselblad Masters award for my contribution to the craft of photography. This no doubt was and is a huge honor for me. Back in April I photographed a series of images for the masters book that would lead to a photo exhibition and book launch that would tour Amsterdam, China, Colombia, Brazil, London, New York and Germany. I was also honored with one of my images to be chosen as the cover of the Book.
This year was also my first year to attend Photokina, the largest photo industry convention in the world. I was a guest speaker at the Hasselbald Booth with multiple speaking sessions.
I was also invited to be part of the selected few photographers who make up The Sandisk Extreme team. I am really proud to be a brand ambassador for company’s such as Sandisk, Hasselbald, FJWestcott, Drop it modern Backdrops and Samsung.
If all of this wasn’t amazing enough, I have also been working on a new project that I am mega excited about. I was invited to be the international Editor of a fine art Black and White Magazine, ‘Dilema‘.
Like I said, an incredible year! One of the most rewarding out of all these accomplishments has been the teaching. This year I gave over 15 seminars and 7 workshops in three continents, six countries and seven cities.
With 2011 around the corner I thought it was time to launch the new Blog and spread the word…

In 2011 I will be running a series of Learning opportunities to anyone who would like to take their photography to the next level. So here is the run down of what I have in mind:


Lead and produced by award winning international Fashion & Beauty Photographer Joao Carlos, these intense workshop explore the fundamentals of Fashion & Beauty, Editorial and Lifestyle Photography on Location and in the studio through a series of lectures, presentations, discussion, hands on training and shooting.
Understanding how to communicate with your team and your model is fundamental in creating creative imagery that sells fashion and lifestyles.
Through hands on shoots with agency models and supported by my creative team of fashion stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists, you will explore the basic ideas, concepts and components of creative storytelling in fashion photography.
You will also explore and master the basics of natural light, how to control and maximize the sun with reflectors and shade and also how to work with an assortment of artificial lighting sources including strobes, fluorescent, single and multiple light sources. You will walk away with your own unique fashion, Beauty or lifestyle stories to use in your book.
I believe firmly in teaching attendees how to creatively think for themselves and learn on their own once the workshop has come to a close. Editorial photography is about storytelling, exploration and emotion.

4 Day Workshop
– Portfolio Review Session: Each workshop begins with a portfolio review session. Students are asked to bring a portfolio of no more than 20 images in print or digital format on their laptops and/or Ipads, which will be reviewed and critiqued on the first day of the workshop.
This gives me the opportunity to see where you stand in your development and what skills and techniques should be focused on during the workshop.

– Location scouting: We scout the best or most interesting locations in and around each city to provide striking and unique backdrops to your editorials. Fully equipped studio(s) will be available also.

– Model casting at Local agency: Including visits with a fashion editor, locally based photographer, art director, studios and a fashion show during Fashion Week (when calenders coincide).

– Professionally produced fashion editorials on location and in the studio in:
USA including NYC, Miami, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Greenwich CT , USA, Toronto Canada, Lisbon Portugal, Fortaleza Brazil, London UK. (More Cities and countries to be confirmed.)
The Creative Lab Workshop will provide professional wardrobe and styling and will also cover post production procedures, such as working with editors, deadlines, assignments and freelance projects, building and presenting a story online using digital lightboxes and personal websites. The nuisances of working with editorial clients and how to facilitate and advise will also be covered. Preparing for the future and impending changes in the industry will also be discussed.

Photographing under adverse conditions: Gaining your subjects trust and photographic ethics. The digital darkroom, editing and work flow in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Camera and lens selection: Memory card and accessory selection, Canon versus Nikon versus everyone else and buying new versus buying used. How to work with your camera and use its
many functions to it’s full potential and also camera and lens field care.

– Get Your work published: Your photos may be published in my network of media partners.

What to Bring:
Attendees are expected to provide their own SLR style digital camera and lenses and a laptop with editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, just as if they were on an editorial assignment. Each workshop will have some additional requirements such as appropriate clothing, medicines etc.

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Joao Carlos is the kind of photographer you want to learn from. His knowledge and advice has been priceless to me in terms of showing where my weaknesses and strengths are and giving me the confidence to keep growing professionally. He has a keen eye and the patience to explain not just that something needs improvement but how and why. I hope to learn more from him in the future!

Martin Bielecki

Some might see Joao Carlos only as Hasselblad Master and commercial photographer. I see a creative artist and teacher.
Joao’s vision is creative and challenging. His teaching style is forward thinking, dedicated and fun.He is an honest and sincere critic.He helps you develop creative vision, techincal-skill and passion. He will support you; hold you accountable and inspire you to reach new heights and depths of your own unique vision.He demands commitment from you to your craft.
He rewards you with tireless insights, techniques and opportunities to weave the threads he helps you spin into the tapestry of your own artistic vision.
In the market today, you need spectacular images which result from skill, vision and technique. If you are only good, he will help you find your greatness.

Susan Patrick Harris

Teachers who become mentors are hard to find. Since my workshop with Joao he has taken an interest in my work and managed to continue to help my growth as a photographer. Joao may have covered a variety of topics during the workshop but it was his ability to inspire me into believing in my own vision that truly stood out.
Frank Rubio

The workshop was an intensive program about studio lighting, how to see the light and how to work with the different lighting setups in the studio and even outside. We learn about the equipments that we have to use in different situations depending of the results needed.
The workshop was very helpful; it condensed months of self-study in four days. The information I received will allow me to take better quality photographs in less time and to prepare the settings to avoid Photoshop manipulation after the photo shoot. This workshop was essential for improving my skills as a professional fine art photographer.
Joao Carlos is friendly, energetic, competent and knowledgeable. Working with him is very easy and productive. He can explain complex techniques in a very easy way. His energy and passion is contagious, with him you can work for hours and feel tireless.
My reward has been the connection with Joao after the workshop. He always answers my questions no matter where he is or what he is doing. He always has time for his “students” and that is priceless.
I definitely want to repeat the experience in the future.
Sergio Cervantes

“I attended a four day fashion photography workshop were Joao Carlos was one the instructors but he was more of a mentor to the students at workshop. Joao inspired each student throughout the day to take his/her photography to the next level by sharing his knowledge of doing fashion photo shoot and many times there was a one on one discussions with a student. I finished the workshop with photographs that have used in my portfolio along gaining new photograph skills that have impact my shooting style.”

William Bert