In the blink of an eye

In the blink of an eye, I am no longer the international editor of Dilema Magazine .
When I was originally invited to this project the idea was I would only act as a guest editor for issue #2, considering the amazing results and the international feedback the editor in chief and publisher invited me to continue .
I looked upon this new opportunity with great hope and expectation, so when I received a email this past friday stating that my collaboration with the publisher Mindaffair and Dilema magazine was to cease immediately, I was left in shock.
I wish I had more to say , but I was totally caught off guard , this is unfortunate but considering the unprofessional nature of the publisher Mindaffair , regrettably I can no longer continue to do business with people who are not true to there word and who go back on there agreements .
I have to thank Micheal Grecco , Hans Strand , Melvin Sokolsky , Daniel Murtague ,Claudio Napolitano , Lyle Owerko , Roberto Bigamo, you are all amazing artist’s who helped me create the best magazine the publisher (Mind Affair) has ever seen .
I must also thank the Photojournalist and contributors in what was going to be a special photojournalism issue en homage to injured photojournalist Joao Silva ,with the proceeds reverting to the Joao Silva Fund.
That issue will no longer be launched. I must thank Joao Silva , Greg Marinovich , Emmanuel Ortiz ,Eddy Van Wessel , Nina Berman , Peter Perreira , Maggie Steber , Fernando Souto, who took the time and effort in sending me images for this never to be launched issue. I must also thank Bruno Portela for his article and the images from Reuters .

To the contributors and to all of you who have ordered Dilema #2 , unfortunately I can not guarante you will receive your magazines. Which, I worked so hard to create . I have tried all that I can, but after only getting excuses and not receiving answers, when I inquired about orders and the contributors issue, when you are dealing with dishonest people you can no longer continue to do business in this manor.


Joao carlos

Please direct any and all questions about your issues to :
Jorge Pinto Guedes
Publisher – Editor in Chief
Mindaffair Publishing