Images Selected for Westcotts 2010 Product Catalogs

Westcott offers an annual comprehensive product catalog covering all of there professional photography and video lighting equipment and imaging products. See spectacular results of Westcott products in the catalog filled with images taken by the top photographers in the industry.I am Lucky enough to be part of this with not one but four Images .

My Images appear on the Pages of some of my favorite Westcott light modifiers.
Masters Brush
Achieve the lighting patterns created by the Old Masters of photography, including all variations of Rembrandt and Butterfly lighting. The Master’s Brush takes out the guesswork by providing self-feathering light


This Reflector System allows for complete wraparound lighting. The three interconnected reflectors achieve total wrap-around lighting. The Tri-Flector can be used both as a flat horizontal or vertical reflector.

Scrim Jim
Commonly referred to as the “Slim Jim”, this product is a strong collapsible diffusion and reflection system offering the ultimate in flexibility and control. Frames are made of lightweight aircraft aluminum. Modular construction allows you to create four easy-to-handle frame sizes that are all collapsible to 42″ in length. Offering over 40 fabrics that simply Velcro on and off, this system provides everything needed to control lighting outdoors and indoors. Without a doubt one of my Personal favorite products .

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