I AM BUNNY – Personal Projects

I am Bunny’ is a series I have been working on with Katy for around a year now. We made it a point to shoot the Bunny in some of the places we traveled to together, which since July 2010 has been Toronto, Lisbon, London and on Portugal’s gold coast and in a variety of settings.

The idea that Bunny is an itinerant character with a plethora of different personas was the main idea behind having her lost and alone washed up on the beach, then stalking through hedgerows with a shotgun and then romping around in hotel corridors…This juxtaposition is what made it such fun to shoot.
The idea that Bunny could be anything and anyone without the constraints of conforming to the structure of a series or genre was liberating.

All images shot with Hasselblad H4D. 40