How Many Photos Have Been Taken?

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Photo Daily Dose. It has been literally forever since I last blogged. It was the longest time ever without blogging – over seven months. Sometimes you need to take a step back in life to be able take a bigger step forward. This past March I launched my new website.

Everything from my personal branding, to a new layout and new exciting images were added to the website. I also tested out a new blog platform, witch to be honest didn’t really do it for me at all. It was complicated to make posts, it did not have the same pop as this layout and in general it helped put me off blogging for almost nine months.
I however have found anther great solution and so starting from today, my blog is back online with hopefully some great posts, where I will not only share what’s new in my world and new images from my most recent shoots, but also have a series of great guest bloggers lined up.
I think the main reason for my absence has been the fact that I have been SUPER SUPER busy this year with commercial advertising work, editorial work and working on some special projects for SanDisk.
I am really excited to share what I have been up to, If you follow me via my social media (Facebook – Joao Carlos Photography and Twitter) you kinda have a good idea, but I hope to go into more detail in each blog post talking in depth about each project.
So again thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you enjoy the video below. I think it’s a great way to start back up with the Photo Daily Dose.
Let me ask the question “How Many Photos have been taken?”
The video below will help answer most of that question… Until next time.