How I shoot Fashion

This image is from an editorial that was shot for Six degrees Magazine. The title of my fairy tale is ” Drama Queens “. It’s about 2 princesses who are a handful and when they don’t get their way they throw tantrums. 
I was inspired by the location, the Casa do Alentejo in Lisbon,Portugal which is rich in social history, and wanted to take advantage of the full creative freedom that I was given. I decided to use the 18th century furniture in a unpredictable way by stacking all of the dining tables and chairs. The tables hold the weight of the model in the background  and give the chairs a hidden structure .
I tried to take advantage of the amazing Portuguese natural light streaming through huge windows and multiple doors by using a Scrim Jim defuser by Westcott . Even with the elaborate candelabra completely lit, it was still too dark. I decided the best way to add a soft, natural light was to use my two Westcott Spiderlite TD3  with two studio strobes and  the 45 in Round Halo Mono

Camera: Canon 5d
Lens : 16-35
Light: 2 Westcott SpiderLites TD3
2 x 45 in. Round Halo
1 Gitzo tripod
6 Scrim Jim 2f stop Silk

photographer/Creative Director –Joao Carlos
photo asst. Joana N’gela
make-up SusanaSantos
Hair Stylist – Joaona @Tony&Guy Lisbon