How I shoot Action with Tim Currie

I was recently commissioned to shoot a series of Sport Commercial Images of Actor Model Tim Currie .

We shot five sets , one look in a pool to really show off Tim’s awesome form , the shots look fantastic , it was a fabulous sunny day , all I had to do was was mount two Medium 42×72 in. Silver scrim Jim by Westcott catching the sun light , I also added one extra one to serve as a background and to create transparency in the water .
To commemorate the Soccer World Cup we figured it would be cool to do a soccer action shot , Again capturing the sunlight to its fullest and just with an added fill with one Medium 42×72 in. Silver scrim Jim by Westcott.
The rest of the images are all shot with natural light available , its crucial to pic that perfect time in the day to make your images have the wanted mood and feel , I also try and use any available light source such as a street lamp . My Hasselblad H4D worked brilliantly in all conditions , with my leses of choice the HCD28 2.8 and the HC 80 mm 2.8 . make up and grooming was provided by the wonerdfull Guierline Fequiere