I’m always excited to develop an image for a company like Holas and for the third consecutive year I‘ve been invited to shoot for the sexy beachwear brand and every year I am able to decipher the creative vision of the brand’s creative director. The images were created in studio this year. The brand had three different looks in mind so I used three different lighting setups — one of them with projected images. Check the behind the scenes video and the lighting setups for further info:


This is the first look I want to tell you about: I used two Broncolor lights for this image — my key light was on a beauty dish and my fill was on a parabolic umbrella.
The beauty dish gives the image some depth while the parabolic umbrella keeps the shadows in check. Take a look at the lighting diagram below:

For the second series of images, we decided to use a projector with images from the collection. It’s a pretty straightforward lighting setup but I think the results are pretty cool.

Here are the images:





And the setup:

For the last image, we had to move outside because we were working with water. Again, the setup isn’t crazy but I really like the end result.
I used two Profoto B2s for this shot — one bare and one with a standard reflector. This gave me a hard light with some strong shadows while also highlighting the water drops.


My team for the day:
Photography & Production: Joao Carlos – www.joaocarlosphoto.com
Model – Carlos (Central Models Agency)
Make-up and hair – Alex Me
Assistants – Bárbara Gomes & Rui Rodrigues 
Retouching – Marta Machado

Equipment used in the shoot:

Canon – http://www.canon.com
SanDisk – http://www.sandisk.com
Profoto – http://profoto.com
3 Legged Thing – http://www.3leggedthing.com
Westcott – http://fjwestcott.com
Think Tank Photo – http://www.thinktankphoto.com
G-Technology – http://www.g-technology.com