The Headshot CrewPod #10 – João Carlos with Pedro Jorge Lisbon based Portrait Photographer

Meeting up with the Headshot Crew in Lisbon

Recently I made a new photographer buddy here in Lisbon, I met  Pedro Jorge when Peter Hurley came into town for a quick layover on his way sailing to France. Last week he invited me for a very laid back conversation on The Headshot Crew Podcast. Pedro Jorge is a professional portrait photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal. In addition to his photography work, Pedro is also an instructor, having given workshops in Lisbon, Porto, London, UK and New York City, USA. He’s worked with Peter Hurley as his second shooter and studio manager in NYC. He’s also a Mentor in Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew, the world’s top headshot photography coaching platform. Pedro currently works out of his studio in Lisbon, Portugal.

 Here is the link to our talk and below you can have a better idea of some of Pedro’s captivating portraits.

The Headshot CrewPod #10 


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Headshot Crew in Lisbon 1Headshot Crew in Lisbon 2Headshot Crew in Lisbon 3

Headshot Crew in Lisbon 4
Enjoying some drinks in Lisbon with members of the Headshot Crew Peter Hurley, João Azevedo, Pedro Couto, Tor Stendola, Ivan Weiss and Pedro Jorge.


Pedro Jorge Lisbon Based Portrait Photographer
Pedro Jorge Lisbon Based Portrait Photographer

Pedro Jorge 1Pedro Jorge 2Pedro Jorge 3Pedro Jorge 4Pedro Jorge 5Pedro Jorge 6Pedro Jorge 7Pedro Jorge 8


To find out more about Pedro Jorge and his work follow the links below.